“The City’s” Kelly Cutrone, founder of People’s Revolution, the most powerful and cutting edge PR agency in the fashion world, is infamous for her brazen honesty, ball-busting demeanor and free-flowing potty mouth. 

And The Dish Rag loves her for that.

]]>But the F bomb slipped out during Kelly’s recent live interview on Fox News.

Describing MTV “City” co-star Olivia Palmero, Kelly declared a lack of respect for her work ethic. 
“I mean that when you’re in your ’20s and you are in a prestigious place like Elle magazine, and someone like Erin is trying to help you, you better leave your [bleeping] attitude at the door, right?” 
Unfortunately, the pursed lip Fox hosts were not amused. Not one bit. 
We’ve known Kelly for many years. She’s funny, fierce and formidable. She can deflate a designer’s ego, stand down stern security guards, mollify insecure celebrities and models and get the job done better than anyone in the biz. 
She tells it like it is. Even if it isn’t. If that makes sense.
In a word, she rocks. And she always represents the coolest designers, including up and coming fashion faces
We cannot WAIT to see her new reality TV series, “Kell on Earth,” skedded to air on Bravo on Feb. 1st. 
Let the F bombs fly, Kelly.
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Video: Fox 5 via The Daily Beast