Kelly-Cutrone-Kell-on-Earth-Bravo-320.jpgIn this week’s episode of “Kell on Earth,” we learn that People’s Revolution has a weak link and her name is Stephanie Voorhees.

RSVP’s are S.O.L.
Three hours before the Chado fashion show, People’s Revolution’s computer system decides to print out only part of the RSVP list and the crew goes into damage control mode.

Later at the tent, the front of house team has to check each name against their computers. I love that Kelly wouldn’t tell the designer there was a problem. He begins to get upset, though, that there is too much press around him. Kelly moves into publicist mode and kicks out all the media.

Fifteen minutes before the show and the lobby is a mess of people who still don’t have their seat assignments. Additionally, people are sitting in the front row when they’re not assigned there. Wow, some of these fashion people can be beeotches. In the end, the show goes beautifully and the initial media reaction is positive.

Really attractive heads are going to roll
The designer is totally unhappy about the problems at front of house and the fact that he didn’t get on the cover of Women’s Wear Daily. He definitely has a chance of getting on Wah Wah Daily’s cover, though. What a crybaby! Chado ends up firing People’s Revolution and poor Stefanie Skinner feels she let the company down.

Denim won’t present itself
Despite just being fired, Kelly and her team have to move on. They have a presentation for Genetic Denim. By the way, the creative director made it a point to mention he was a straight guy during the model casting. Um, kay.

Hair won’t dye itself
Andrew Serrano is so over seeing Skinner’s hair roots. The former stylist turned P.R. assistant decides to take matters into his own hands, literally. He takes Skinner out to retouch her roots, himself.

Stamps won’t find themselves
Stephanie Voorhees is constantly having a horrible time keeping up and she’s still complaining that people haven’t trained her. When she runs out of stamps, she interrupts Skinner’s hair excursion by calling her to find out where the stamps are. Skinner wonders if, um, Voorhees even bothered to look for them before calling her.

Interns say duh
Kelly freaks out when the gift bags with denim samples look like they’re going to the Salvation Army not fashion editors. Of course, Voorhees was in charge of the interns on this one. And, of course, she complains that she hasn’t been trained. Voorhees, you wouldn’t give your enemy one of those bags. Why would you think they were good enough to go out to editors? Upon their second try, the interns do it again. In the end, Kelly decides she should do it herself.

Don’t break a sweat, Voorhees
Skinner is going nuts with all her work. When Andrew M. tells Voorhees that they should help Skinner out, all she can do is complain about her lack of sleep. Andrew concludes that she’s the kind of girl who has never really been challenged. I agree.

Just five more minutes, mom
Exhausted and looking like they pulled an all-nighter, the crew prepares for the Genetic Denim show. Skinner realizes that she has been Voorheesed, yet again. Vorhees was in charge of booking interns for that night’s presentation and many of them didn’t even know they were scheduled. Again, everyone has to pick up Voorhees’ slack.

Model down!
The Genetic Denim show starts well, but soon we hear screams and Kelly finds out that a model has fallen down. It seems every emergency team in NYC arrives to help the model. The hilarious part is that Kelly kicks the firemen out and asks them to turn off their truck’s lights, because it was ruining the ambience for the crowd and the lighting effect on her swarovski crystal installation. In the end, Kelly’s client overlooked the uncontrollable accident, unlike Chado, and leaves happy.

Thoughts and Tidbits

  • Voorhees needs to go.
  • George Wayne swallowing the swarovski crystal, because he thought Kelly was giving him some kind of pill? Priceless.
  • Andrew M’s asymmetrical off-the-shoulder top? Jury is still out, but thank you.
  • Tim, the Irish intern? He’s a hit.

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