kell-on-earth-finale-bravo-kelly-andrew.jpgIn the finale episode of “Kell On Earth,” People’s Revolution tries to pull off the two biggest projects of the season: A DKNY viral film that takes place on the streets of New York City and the first ever true surprise party for Kelly Cutrone.

Times are tough
Kelly is seeing more casualties of the economy as another client closes their doors. She jokes that she’s not going to take on these small, hipster brands anymore and that she needs a client like Lifesavers. Hah! “At least they have money,” she says.

How can we incorporate more baked goods in our life?
Andrew and Skinner brainstorm some ideas for how they can eat more baked goods. Eureka, they’ve got it! Kelly’s birthday is coming up and they can throw her a surprise birthday party. Skinner then says that in all the time she has worked at People’s Revolution (PR) they’ve never been able to pull off a surprise party for Kelly. She has always figured it out! So, they agree to really keep it on the down low. Back to the baked goods, the two decide to pretend they’re getting married, so they can do a taste test.

They decide to throw the party for Kelly at her favorite hotel, The Carlyle. Andrew thinks they should go over the to the hotel to order the catering, but Skinner is reluctant to leave. Kelly is out at a client appointment and he thinks she won’t know they’re gone, so he convinces Skinner to go with him. Of course, Kelly calls while they’re at the hotel! It’s cute how much Andrew is loving the cloak and dagger nature of hiding the party from Kelly.

kell on earth finale bravo skinner andrew 'Kell On Earth' season finale: Piece of cakeLater, Andrew goes through with the plan to pass himself and Skinner off as a couple to do cake tasting. The hilarious part is that Andrew is wearing a skirt and Skinner obviously wears the pants in this faux relationship. On the way to the bakery, they realize that Skinner isn’t wearing an engagement ring. Hehe. How cute it is that Andrew offers her one of his rings and gets  on one knee to present it to her?

At the bakery, the pieces of cake just keep rolling out and the two are giddy with the baked goods. After they’ve made their decision, the bakery asks them what message should be written on the cake. Um, they can’t say “Happy Birthday”! That would compromise their cover, so “congratulations”? For a birthday? Maybe not. Can’t wait to see how they get around this one.

DKNY and Kelly get Cozy
DKNY called PR and hired them to work on promoting a new versatile sweater called the Cozy. They decide that they should play off the existing ad campaign bry bringing the girls to life on the streets of New York City in a short film. Kelly is over the moon to have gotten such a huge client in these hard times, but she knows that means the company will need to really step it up.

As the shoot day gets closer, Kelly is crazed by all the planning for the viral film. So much so that when Andrew mentions she has a lunch appointment with some guy seeking free advice, she tells him she can’t do it. In general, she wants to cut out any type of free advice. You want Kelly’s time, then you have to pay for it.

Here’s the plan with the film: DKNY has 65,000 fans on their Facebook page. The completed film can be posted there and then get placed with some key magazines, on YouTube, and then boom: You’ve got viral video.

From this beginning point to the completed product, though, will be nuts for the company. While Kelly has gotten film permits for some areas of New York City for the shoot, she decides to hire some off-duty Irish-American cops for security, as well. That way if NYPD stops them, the cops can talk the same language while Kelly finishes her shot. Genius!

The next morning, Kelly shoots the 14 models starting in Columbus Circle. The first challenge is getting the gals to walk across the street without having New Yorkers ruin the shot. Clearly, that proves to be harder than they thought. New Yorkers don’t care if you’re shooting a film. They have places to go. After several attempts, they finally get the show and are ready to move on. It will be a long day. They still have 5-7 more locations, which is a frightening thought for Kelly.

At the next location, it’s very cute that Kelly’s daughter, Ava, and her friend meet up with her mom on the shoot and Kelly explains how important it is for her to expose Ava to real work situations.

Back at the office, Emily and Robyn are left to run the office and they decide to check in with Skinner and Andrew regarding RSVPs. Then, all these people start adding their guests and Andrew realizes they’re hitting the limit for the hotel suite. The funny part is that Andrew deals with RSVPs for their events all the time, but for some reason managing the list for Kelly’s birthday isn’t coming easily for him!

Luck of the Irish
Kelly decides they have to shoot in front of the New York Stock Exchange building, but there’s no way they’ll get past the police officers guarding the building without a permit. Enter Kelly’s Irish-American security officers. They end up getting chummy with the cops, who then allow Kelly’s crew to shoot. That couldn’t have worked out any better, right?

With one hour to go, Kelly and the crew rush over to the Washington Square Park to shoot their last location. That goes without a hitch and Kelly is thrilled they accomplished the task. I didn’t doubt you for a second, Kelly! A few days later, Kelly calls the PR crew around her desk and she shows them the finished product.

Piece of cake?
Andrew has to transport Kelly’s cake to the hotel and he’s carrying it through the streets of New York and on the subway in order to get there before the guests and Kelly arrive. He arrives first and Andrew is thrilled that everything has come together in the room as planned.

Meanwhile, Robyn is trying to get the guest of honor to her own party. Kelly isn’t being the easiest about it, though. Robyn has told her that they’re going to a small cocktail event  for clients. Kelly, though, wants to drop off some bags at the office first, but Robyn won’t let her. This is hilarious, because Kelly has no idea how difficult she’s being. Then, Kelly starts complaining that she’s tired and doesn’t want to go anymore. Poor Robyn is trying everything she can to keep Kelly on the forward motion to her own party and she does it.

The crew have done it! They’ve surprised Kelly for the first time ever and she starts crying! It’s very touching. Then the cake comes out and it’s like a bonfire. Andrew, did you have to put every single candle on there? Once the fire is out, we finally get to see what was written on the cake: “Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Mukamal”! Hah. Guess they couldn’t figure a way around it. Kelly smeared the lettering as soon as she could, though. Andrew says she was “reclaiming the attention.” She’s entitled.

In the end, Kelly cried during her last on-camera interview of the show about how touched she was by the party and then excused herself to go outside. That’s the rule!

What did you like most about the first season of “Kell On Earth”?

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