Kell-on-Earth-Bravo-320.jpgIn this episode of “Kell on Earth,” Kelly Cutrone and her band of fashion PR misfits give us a glimpse of the ugly side of beauty when one client can’t be pleased and another is tamed.

Fashion Week in full effect
The crew is preparing for two big events and after the last few messy days at Fashion Week, Kelly and her partners are cracking the whip.

With four days before the show, the team does a casting for Agent Provocateur (AP), an edgy lingerie designer. Of course, Kelly asked that if any models had body issues, they should leave the casting. Kelly thinks that the casting was a bust and starts calling in more models. They soon find out that while the show is a low budge project, it has been sold to modeling agencies as a “presentation” rather than a “runway” show, which explains the low quality turnout at the casting. The difference being that a presentation usually has the models standing around in the clothes rather than walking the catwalk or reasonable facsimile of a catwalk. Kelly jumps on the phone with agencies to sort out the confusion. Thought it was really sweet when Kelly tells AP’s rep that things will be OK and that they’ve never thrown a show when there weren’t enough models. Kell kindness!

The other show People’s Revolution (PR) is working on revolves around new menswear designer, Nicolas Petrou (NP going forward). His work is avant-garde and we get a glimpse into how Kelly advised her clients on how to sell their pieces while remaining editorial.

Who are the VIP’s? Bueller?
Stephanie Voorhees has been placed in charge of getting the invitations out for the NP presentation, but her shaky history has everyone watching her closely. By the way, why does she always have issues with stamps? Of course, she discovers that the invitations had been printed in duplicate and they haven’t been prioritized as to which should be mailed first. Boo hoo, Voorhees. Stop delegating your responsibilities to interns and do it right the first time around.

When she asks Emily for help with prioritizing, Emily tells her that if she doesn’t know who the VIP’s are, she probably shouldn’t work there. Snap! When Kelly gets word that the invites have been “Voorheesed,” she decides to sort them herself. Voorhees, watch and learn.

All dressed up and nowhere to go
Right before the AP show, Kelly finds out the space had been pulled from right underneath them. Now, the crew needs to find a new space with days left before the show. Thankfully, Kelly had a connection with the owner of the Soho Grand hotel!

Kelly-Cutrone-Ava-Kell-on-Earth-Bravo.jpgTeam Coco
In the midst of the madness, Kelly takes time to escape PR to the comparatively calm New York streets with her daughter, Ava. Coincidentally, they’re reunited with a dog they gave away named Coco. The city is really tiny, folks! Believe me.

Later, we get a glimpse of Ava’s first day of school. Kelly says she has never missed an important event for her daughter and, while the first day of school lands in the middle of Fashion Week, she still walks Ava to her first day of school every year.

Media alert: Voorhees needs to go
People’s Revolution gets “Voorheesed” again when she sends out a press release with a misspelling of the designer’s name. She says sorry, but the damage is done and the client isn’t pleased. Google, Voorhees. Gosh.

Scary models, even scarier designer
NP’s models, who are covered from head to toe in patterned spandex, frighten me. It’s like watching the Blue Man Group on acid. At the presentation, pretty much every important Men’s fashion magazine showed up. The reactions were mixed, though, with GQ basically finding the collection funny.

Petrou came off cocky and know-it-all. When Kelly casually mentioned it was his birthday to press, he chastised her for taking attention away from the clothes. Um, I’m pretty sure Kelly has a handle on that, NP. Later, he told Emily that he didn’t like the condescending men’s fashion editor from Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) – glass houses, anyone – and then went on a tirade on how he won’t change his designs for anyone, not even WWD. Emily then began to doubt they could work with NP further.

Afterward, he tries to stiff PR on the balance he owed them for the presentation. He did realize there were cameras present, right? Of course, Kelly reads him on-camera. Oh, the special genius of creative people. NP, you did not do yourself any favors.

Cutrone cleans up
An hour before the AP show, the company’s marketing person freaks out about the layout of the room and lack of ambience. She wanted candles and birdcages, yet didn’t see them. For Kelly, these kind of last minute flare-ups from the client is just par for the course. She arrives and soothes the angry lion. The show goes without a hitch and the media seem entranced by the collection.

Will Voorhees sink or swim?
Emily has had just about enough of Voorhees and she’s considering the week her last chance to get with the program or get out. Later, when Emily sees that Voorhees is once again lagging and doing a lot of nothing, she’s set to burst. Instead, she sends Voorhees out of the room. Alone with the cameras, Voorhees accuses Emily of using her as a scapegoat. Oh, my, I hear the shovel hitting the dirt as Voorhees digs her own grave.

Next week: Can’t wait to meet Kelly’s baby daddy!


  • “Most models are so skinny, it’s like Auschwitz. Not even the fashion industry thinks that’s sexy with underwear.”  – On the difficulty of finding the right lingerie models.

  • “It’s fashion. Of course, somebody’s going to do something to [F-Bomb] you over. It’s part of your daily life.” – After losing the space for the AP event

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