Kell-on-earth-Stefanie-Skinner-Fashion-bravo-2.jpgAs one of the breakout stars of Bravo’s “Kell on Earth,” Stefanie Skinner shows what it takes to make it in the high stress world of fashion PR and her hard work has earned her some dedicated fans.

The Chicago native landed in New York City in 2006 and worked at various advertising firms. While in advertising, Skinner interned for People’s Revolution, then scored the job as Kelly Cutrone‘s assistant. Two years later, she was promoted to junior account executive.

So, if anyone knows how to look good on a PR girl’s budget, it’s Skinner. We talked to her about her love of fashion and how to get by on an assistant’s salary.

Why do you think you’ve become a favorite for viewers?
I think maybe it’s just because this is how I really am. I’m a hard worker and I’m dedicated and I’m really loyal to the company. At the end of the day, people want to root for the girl who’s trying to make her way in a profession and a career. And also in New York. New York is not the easiest place to be.

Have you always been into fashion?
]]>Madonna and my mom would be like, you cannot go to preschool like that. I would be like, why, and I’d have bracelets up my arm. Just like weird stuff like. I’ve always been into fashion and wanted to live in New York. Then, after the first time I was here, I just felt like I was home. When I got back and told my mom I wanted to live there, she said, you’re crazy, you don’t want to live in New York and then I was like, bye bye after I graduated college. You’re a big fan of “Sex and the City.” Have you ever met anyone from the show?
Oh, no. I could only wish. I have emailed with Sarah Jessica Parker‘s assistant once and one of my really close friends is [“Sex and the City’s” costume designer] Pat Field‘s assistant. I’m like six degrees of separation, never directly with the people. Does working in fashion mean you have to buy a lot of clothes?
You do have to buy a lot of clothes, but at the same time working in fashion your salary is not the highest. I do what I can. I don’t walk around in thousand dollar pair of shoes or a two thousand dollar pair of leggings. I would love to. I’m just not there, yet. What are your tips for aspiring fashion girls who want to look good on an assistant’s budget?
For me, I love designer clothing and that stuff, but I can’t afford it. I basically stick to black, anyway. Sometimes I’ll go to the thrift shops on the Lower Eastside and get dresses from there. Sometimes, I have to get them altered, but it’s worth it. If you feel comfortable, it doesn’t really matter how much it costs. Comfort for me is key. Comfort and maybe I’ll jazz it up with an accessory or a colored purse or an earring or a necklace. It sort of depends, you know? Who are your favorite designers that aren’t People’s Revolution clients?
I love Marc Jacobs. Love, love, love March Jacobs. Like Prada, obviously. Andrew [Mukamal] has turned me on to Rick Owens, Christopher Kane, Firenze and Rodarte. Those are all brands that I love and hopefully one day will wear. Which stars are you most looking forward to seeing style-wise at the Oscars?
I love Cameron Diaz‘s style. I think she’s one celebrity that always turns it out for the Oscars. Angelina Jolie, obviously. Charlize Theron, I love her style, too. Oh, and Reese Witherspoon. Those are my top picks. Her and Cameron Diaz, I love their style. Also, I like Nicole Richie‘s style, too. In terms of people that I would dress most like, it would probably be like the three of them. Next Monday: Check out the rest of our interview with Stefanie Skinner about the recent firings on “Kell on Earth,” working at People’s Revolution and the lessons she has learned from Kelly Cutrone. Note: “Kell on Earth’s” new episode isn’t airing tonight. The next new episode of “Kell on Earth” airs Monday, March 8 at 10pm/9c on Bravo.

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