We’re sorry, but unless you share her assets, you can’t look like Kelly Bensimon of Bravo’s Thursday reality series The Real Housewives of New York City. We can, though, steer you where to shop to approximate the look.
Any woman who poses for Playboy, has spent much of her life modeling, and runs around in heels and miniskirts is very different from the rest of us who, well, don’t.
Talking from her Manhattan home, while preparing for her daughter’s sleepover to celebrate her 12th birthday, Bensimon describes her style as “athletic, playful, but very trend-driven.”
For a signature look, she says, a woman must “either pick breasts or legs, and I always choose legs. Something really short until you can’t do short anymore. It’s really about your skin. Once your skin starts to go, you can’t wear short clothes.”
She acknowledges that clothes hang well on her.
“I have a frame that fits clothes, and I try to have fun with different trends,” Bensimon says. “I don’t necessarily always speak to the trends. Whenever you see pictures of me, I like to wear a lot of dresses. It’s nice to see women in dresses, and I like to see women in jeans.”
The trends she likes now are pretty dresses paired with army jackets. “What separates me from a lot of people on television is I really, really mix it up,” she says.
She wears clothes from H&M, Alice & Olivia, Derek Lam and Ralph Lauren.
Bensimon enjoys shopping at Calypso, Intermix, Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys and Saks.
“I like clothes that remind me of something,” she says. “It reminds me of my mother or a certain icon. Each pair of jeans you buy has a story. That rip came from a taxi, that rip came from gardening with my kids.”
Her favorite jeans are Rogan. “He has a great, sexy sensibility for women,” she says.
She also wears denim from AG, Ralph Lauren and authentic 501s.
Bensimon’s clothes represent specific times. “It’s not just wearing clothes; it’s creating a moment,” she says.
And she almost always wears heels, favoring Manolo Blahnik shoes.
“They are really, really incredible,” she says. “I dress intentionally for the show. I want people to be inspired.”
Reeling off different outfits, Bensimon says, “The white dress is inspired by a Raquel Welch kind of feeling. The orange shorts and black sweater are a brunette, country club look.”
Her main advice to those looking for a little panache is: “Be inspired. (Say,) ‘I will buy this.’ The ’80s are fun. A hot pink tank top (to) wear with white pants and a blazer. It’s called swimming in and out of the trends.”
Just not drowning in them.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler