kelly clarkson getty men Kelly Clarkson: Men are scared I'll write a song about themKelly Clarkson, who seems so self-assured and vivacious, tells Bang Showbiz she thinks men are “scared as h***” to date her because she might write a song about them.

“If you’ve got any record of
mine then I think they’re a little scary for men. Sometimes they’re
about relationships with guys, but it’s more about my work
environment. I just write metaphorically speaking as if I’m in a
relationship with a guy. I’d be scared as hell to date me. I’d be
like, ‘I don’t want a song written about me.'” says Clarkson.

“My brother says I’m really intimidating to guys, but I don’t mean
to be. So I need a guy who can handle that. I’m like so chilled,” she continues. “It’s funny because all the guys that are super confident with me
are like giant tools. And all the guys that you want to be
confident are insecure around me and they’re the ones you want to
ask out.”

Oh, honey.

Maybe Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift can start a club.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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