kelly clarkson gay rumors cosmopolitan Kelly Clarkson on gay rumors: 'If I were a lesbian, I would be so in luck'In the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, singer Kelly Clarkson talks about her man Brandon Blackstock, the obsession with her weight and the rumors that she’s a lesbian.

Cosmo: There have been other crazy rumors–the lesbian thing.
Kelly: People think, “Oh, she’s been single for too long.” That’s kind of an insult to the gay community. Being single doesn’t mean you’re gay. But I’m never insulted by it, obviously. I mean, I get hit on by the hottest girls ever. Oh, my god, if I were a lesbian, I would be so in luck. But it’s just not my thing. I’ve always batted for the boys’ team.

Cosmo: So how did you and Brandon get together?
: We’ve known each other for years, but we didn’t start talking until the Super Bowl last February. And this is the funniest/worst thing ever: One of my superhero idols is Whitney Houston, and the day she died was our first date. I was like “This is a bad omen.”

Cosmo: But it turned out great.
: Oh, yeah. Six years I was single before this. I’ve never been truly loved like I am right now.

Cosmo: People are obsessed with your weight loss. What’s up?
: One magazine said I lost 40 pounds–that’s a small child, by the way. I lost 18 pounds. And I think that happens when you fall in love or date someone. If I’m going to be kissing or messing around, I gotta look good. There’s not a fad diet. I was working with a trainer, and she said, “You’d be amazed the amount of weight you can drop by halving your portions. I know it sounds crazy, but do it for two weeks and watch what happens.” I just cut back my portions, I stopped eating late at night, and I work out a little more than I used to, and I literally dropped 18 pounds in a month. I think it happens when you get really busy as well. But when I’m on my off-time–girl, those 18 might come back.

You can read the full interview here, or pick up the February issue of Cosmo.

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