Kelly Clarkson

How would you celebrate winning two Grammy awards?

If you’re Kelly Clarkson — best pop vocal pPerformance and best pop vocal album Grammy winner — it’s pretty simple. “With a drink in my hand!,” said the grinning 23-year-old, holding a short glass of red liquid. What kind of drink is that? “Vodka and cranberry!” And how late was she gonna go? "Until morning! I won two Grammys!”

Clarkson was definitely the lady of the night at Sony BMG’s post-Grammy bash at the Hollywood Roosevelt’s Tropicana pool bar. No mere "American Idol" fluke, Clarkson is now a bona fide music presence, and was the most accessible and enthusiastic star at the party.

There was no way to push through the curious crowd trying to rub elbows with "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen and wife Patti Scialfa, seen chatting with legendary crooner Tony Bennett. Best new artist winner John Legend was surrounded by fans, friends and well-wishers, including ever-ethereal Fiona Apple, after changing from that pristine pure white suit to a party-practical black.

Tony BennettBut Clarkson was hugging everyone who walked by, including Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, Nikka Costa, songwriter Diane Warren, and her old “Idol” pal Randy Jackson.

Clarkson spent time chatting with Anastacia about a joint music project. “You’re so pretty,” the sweet Texas singer gushed as the gals, both wearing black, talked about their respective Lasik surgeries and music making, giggling as they both said the song lyric, “Sisters, doing it for themselves” at the same time.

“She’s adorable and we’re both big fans of each other’s music,” said Anastacia afterwards. “We have similar styles so it wouldn’t surprise anyone for us to do something together. And tonight we found out just how much alike we are. We were finishing each other’s sentences!”

Photo: Kelly Clarkson gets the Sony BMG post-Grammy party started with Maroon 5’s Adam Levine.
(Michael Caulfield / WireImage)

Photo: Tony Bennett shares post-Grammy thoughts with Bruce Springsteen at the Sony BMG bash.
(Larry Busacca / WireImage)

]]>When Christian rocker Michael W. Smith came by to congratulate Kelly…

…she shrieked with delight, telling him what a huge fan she is (since fifth grade!) and how glad she was that he introduced himself because she would have been too shy to come up to him.

Hey, remember that old joke: “What do you call a guy who hangs out with musicians? A drummer.”

“Or Kevin Federline,” suggested one partygoer when he spotted K-Fed, clearly on a break from his strenuous music career, with popped princess Britney Spears, not quite back to her touring weight, judging by the long black floaty cloak layered over her black mini.

Clive Davis was thrilled that Clarkson took home two Grammy awards. “It was a great show," Davis said, emphasing the Bono, McCartney and Springsteen performances. "But I’m a little tired tonight,” he admitted, just before midnight. With good reason. His big blowout pre-Grammy party went on until 2 a.m. the night before.

Hey, even a legendary music man needs his beauty sleep.

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