PR expert and reality star, Kelly Cutrone, has been teasing a daytime gig for weeks now. While we were the first to report that the news that she was joining CBS’ “The Talk” was false, she delivered a double whammy today (Nov. 4) as she appeared on syndicated talk show, “Dr. Phil,” and announced she has joined his team.
“News flash!!!” she tweeted. “I have been signed to ‘Dr. Phil’ as a correspondent. CBS daytime is loving the black. Shout out to Dr. Phil. More to come.”
Pretty genius of her to hold the announcement for the same day her appearance was aired. But, we wouldn’t expect any less of her. So, like many people we know, we tuned into the show to see how Kelly fared.

]]>Dr. Phil, since he was a featured guest on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” We do remember he was a straight-shooter and had a knack for folksy one-liners, which could bring the audience to frenzy. Not so much now. Honestly, we found the show a bit painful to watch. But, we tuned in for Cutrone, as we know many of you did, so in that respect she fulfilled at least one expectation for her new job.

The show was about women who are spoiled and feel entitled. The first guest was 27-year-old Erica, whose astrologer told her she was an attorney in a previous life and who’s attending law school again in this life. She spent a few hours working for Kelly (wearing her trademark tiara), during which time the most Kelly trusted her to do was pack her suitcases.
While the PR goddess liked Erica, she said she was “a victim of her own privilege.”
Of course, Dr. Phil saved the best for last and brought in Josie, 28, whose own mother calls her a “Jewish-American princess” and wants to cut her off financially if she doesn’t go back to school. Josie’s claims to fame are landing on New York Post’s celebrity column, Page Six, being a Playboy model and being one of the girls that attends a mixer on Bravo’s “Millionaire Matchmaker.” She wants to marry a tall, Jewish TV exec or producer, who can help her with her acting career. Now, that’s ambition, no?
Cutrone didn’t think Josie had the goods. “You need to get to the gym and get to the surgeon,” Cutrone tells her. “Because you’re not in the game.”
When Josie and her mother pointed out Cutrone’s trademark no frills, no makeup appearance, she snapped back, “I’m not selling looks. I’m selling brains.” And apparently, Dr. Phil was buying.
Now that Kelly Cutrone will be a correspondent for the show, will you be tuning in to Dr. Phil more?

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Video credit: “Dr. Phil”

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