Kelly Osbourne.jpgLove it or hate it, Kelly Osbourne‘s hair has probably made you sit up and take notice. Sometimes gray, sometimes lavender, her hair has been the highlight of red carpet coverage. We’re finally getting an answer about why she did it. Osbourne showed up on “The Talk” to let everyone in on the reason behind the granny hair.

“Because it’s something I’ve wanted to do my whole life. I’ve always wanted to be young and have gray hair. I know that’s crazy, but I don’t exactly come from the most normal family. I don’t get why anyone expects anything different from me,” she laughs.

Host Sara Gilbert replies, 

“Yeah, you and your mom should trade hair colors,” referring to co-host Sharon Osbourne. “No, I don’t think my mom would look good with gray hair,” Kelly replies. “I like her fire engine hair. Which brings me to my next topic of conversation. If you have hair the color of a fire truck, don’t tell me not to have gray hair!” Very true. Check out the video below

160x41 Get Flash Player Kelly Osbourne explains her gray hair on "The Talk"

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