kelly osbourne ellen degeneres Kelly Osbourne on 'Ellen': 'I have a real soft spot for Bristol Palin'Kelly Osbourne stops by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Thursday (Sept. 23), where she tells Ellen about this season’s “Dancing With the Stars” cast and how she’s doing since her break-up with fianc´┐Że Luke Worrall.

Kelly: “I have a real soft spot for Bristol Palin. I really do. I think she’s going out there and trying and to not have a family member in the audience is the hardest thing in the world. Half of that show is family support and to go out there that first week and not have anyone there and having everybody looking at you the most. I give her so much credit.”

]]>Ellen: “But do you think that would be distracting to have someone from her family there?” Kelly: “No, half of it having that support with your family.” Ellen: “Not distracting to her. Like even with your mom in the audience you think that is distracting for the audience?” Kelly: “Anything not to have them look at me..look at my Mom….” On her break-up with Luke Worrall: Ellen: “Last time you were here you had just had a little break-up.” Kelly:  “I did.” Ellen: “How are you doing now?” Kelly: “It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with in along time and I’m not over it.  And for a while I thought…a small part of me wanted to still be with him but it’s not right. The best your relationship is ever going to be is how it is when you’re dating. We weren’t happy anymore.  I had to go to the next step in my life and so did he and unfortunately…” Ellen: “Is this the first time you had your heart broken?” Kelly: “The second but this one sucked way more.” Ellen: “Really?” Kelly: “Yeah, it sucked way more because I was going to marry him. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him and a part of me still really does but there is a huge part of me that doesn’t. Because I need a man that’s going to stand next to me and say, I don’t care what anyone else says that’s my girlfriend shut-up.  And, not many people will do that.” Ellen: “Are you dating now?” Kelly: “No. I do not want to date anyone. Although, I have been rumored to been dating Chace Crawford and I don’t believe I’ve ever met him. So that’s kind of cool.” Check out the full interview on “Ellen” Thursday on NBC. Follow Zap2it and Zap2it Andrea on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. Photo credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

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