kelsey-grammer-tattoo-picture-kayte-walsh-boss.jpgThe fourth time is apparently a charm for Kelsey Grammer, who visited a Chicago tattoo parlor on Saturday (April 14) to get fourth wife Kayte Walsh’s name tattooed on his hip. The “Boss” star, 57, asked for “something small because it was his first one,” tattoo artist James Eastwood tells People.

Oh, and by that he means first tattoo, not first wife.

Luckily, thanks to the magic of the Internet there is photographic documentation of this historic event which left Grammer marked with small blue letters at his waistline. The tat cost Grammer about $60 — certainly nothing to put a dent in any alimony payments the guy is on the hook for.

Walsh is Grammer’s fourth wife — the couple married in February 2011 and are expecting twins this year.

kelsey grammer tattoo design Kelsey Grammer gets wife Kayte Walsh's name tattooed on his hip
Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson