jenner kardashian gi Kendall Jenner is the Kim Kardashian of 2014Kim Kardashian, your replacement has arrived — and she’s someone you’re familiar with. She’s your half-sister, Kendall Jenner.

Try as you might, Kim, your star is fading. You’re a mom now, you’re engaged to Kanye West — there’s too much stability in your life. And you know what sells tabloids, gets page views and keeps tongues wagging? Not stability.

Kendall, she’s the younger prototype. She’s the fresh face. She’s got the love life we can all gossip about. Is she dating Harry Styles? Isn’t she? We don’t know! And we love that we don’t know! It lets us keep guessing, keep talking, keep obsessing.

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Your half-sister is being invited to present at big award shows, walk runways, model clothes. All the things you used to do. That spotlight — it’s hers now.

And perhaps the biggest reason Kendall’s snatched your wig, Kim? She hasn’t annoyed us beyond belief yet.

So, go on, settle into your life of domesticity. You had a fun run. But Kendall’s got the throne now.

Posted by:Billy Nilles