kendall jenner sweet 16 Kendall Jenner: Keep the party, leave the carPardon the skepticism. Kendall Jenner put on a good show during Monday (Dec. 19) night’s episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” about making sure that her mom, Kris Jenner, didn’t get totally carried away while planning Kendall’s 16th birthday party but she still seems a bit on the spoiled side to us.

Mom wanted to have a bash in the Bahamas for 75 of Kendall’s friends. Kendall wanted to have a “low-key” affair at a West Hollywood hotel of merely 50 attendees. That seems like some mighty fine hair-splitting. Wonder how she would have felt about having 6 friends over for a Netflix and pizza sleepover?

Having guests bring gifts for the kids at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles was a nice gesture … good thing her altruism made it on TV. And it was no sweat for her guests since they all got to go home with gift bags filled with over $1,000 worth of goodies.

But what really gets our goat is the gifting of a 2012 Range Rover to Kendall (which she was more than happy to accept) from her family even though she failed her road test when she went to get her driver’s license.

If Kendall is going to be embarrassed about anything it should be that.

Posted by:Brill Bundy

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