kendall jenner victorias secret gi Kendall Jenner on her Victoria's Secret dream and Kylie Jenner

Victoria’s Secret may no longer have Miranda Kerr on their roster, but there’s no shortage of models who would love to work with the lingerie company. Kendall Jenner, who recently spoke out against people who criticize her for being too skinny, would gladly step up.
Speaking with E! News, Kim Kardashian’s half sister reveals that working with Victoria’s Secret has “always been kind of a dream of mine,” adding, “It’s something I’d love to do.” At 17 years old, Kendall may be a bit young to become one of the company’s “Angels.” However, she’s right in line with the audience the company is marketing to with their PINK line.
Kendall also spoke about being seen with her 15-year-old sister in public. “Me and Kylie [Jenner] are sisters,” Kendall says, “but not everything we can always do together … She’s not trying to be a model. She’s trying to be more like a personality.” Regardless of what being a personality means in the Kardashian world, Kendall maintains the two aren’t fighting, they’re just different. “We’re trying to kind of separate ourselves — not in a bad way.”
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