kenny g belynda benson divorce gi Kenny G to divorce after 20 years

Oh ladies — jazz musician Kenny G is on the market again! After 20 years of marriage, Kenny G and his wife have filed for a divorce. Was it the endless saxophone music that brought about this ending or could there be more to this story?

Legally known by his real name, Kenneth Bruce Gorelick, Kenny G and wife Balynda Helen Benson-Gorelick have formally filed for a divorce on the basis of irreconciliable differences, reports. The saxophone legend submitted divorce papers in Los Angeles on Aug. 9. Included in the documents was a request for joint custody of the couple’s 14-year-old son, Noah. Benson-Gorelick previously filed for legal separation, asking for full custody of their son.

While his easy-listening star may have faded in recent years, it’s impossible to forget the dulcet jazz tunes with which Kenny G burst onto the music scene in 1986. Seriously impossible. In fact, you probably have Kenny G’s smash hit, “Songbird,” playing in your head right now.

If you don’t, you can easily remedy that with this video.

Prepare for at least an hour of brain-saxophone after that.

Posted by:Laurel Brown