margarita-mint-julep-kentucky-derby-cinco-de-mayoThe Kentucky Derby takes place on May 5, and the traditional drink for that event is the mint julep. Today is also Cinco de Mayo, which claims margaritas as the “official” drink. It’s a battle of the alcohol on May 5, and we want to know which one you’re drinking for the events.

Both events give you that excuse you were looking for to drink during the day. First, the mint julep. This drink is traditionally American, with the first written reference in 1803. See? It’s not trashy to drink before five. This is history, people! It’s made with bourbon, fresh mint, sugar and crushed ice. You muddle the mint and the sugar, then add bourbon and ice to taste. Don your best seersucker jacket or giant hat and drink away with your pinky in the air.

The margarita’s origin is up for debate. Many restaurants claim it, and many women might have inspired the name, including singer Peggy Lee. It might also be the Mexican version of the American drink the Daisy, remade with tequila instead of brandy. Either way, you take tequila and mix it with orange-flavored liqueur and lime or lemon juice, with or without salt on the rim. It can be frozen or on the rocks and has a ton of flavor variation.

So, which beverage are you drinking? What are you celebrating? What are you taking for tomorrow’s hangover? Vote in our poll below.

Posted by:jbusch