bacon number ryan gosling Kevin Bacon Number: Google's best feature ever in history?With The CW still doggedly trying to make Bing happen, Google had to make a move to prove that it is now, and forever will be, the absolute coolest search engine in the history of the internet. And they’ve done it.

Now, if you type in “Bacon number” plus any celebrity’s name, Google will helpfully tell you how many degrees of Kevin Bacon that celebrity has. For example, Ryan Gosling’s Bacon Number is 1 — since they were both in “Crazy Stupid Love.”

President Barack Obama is 2 degrees from Bacon — he and Tom Hanks appeared in “The Road We’ve Traveled,” and Tom Hanks starred with Bacon in “Apollo 13.” Justin Bieber even has a Bacon number — check out Google’s breakdown below.

This is definitely our new favorite thing about the internet. Sorry, Hipster Game of Thrones Tumblr.

justin bieber bacon number Kevin Bacon Number: Google's best feature ever in history?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie