kevin bacon on subway gi Kevin Bacon on subway wearing a mask and playing Angry Birds? Yes, that happenedOf course Kevin Bacon wears a prosthetic mask while riding the subway. And of course he buries his newly-disguised face in his smart phone to play Angry Birds. You guys, it’s Kevin Bacon. He can do whatever he wants.

“The Following” star tells UPI he tried wearing an elaborate mask on the subway in New York City to avoid being recognized. His plan backfired, however, because people weren’t very nice to him when he wasn’t Kevin Bacon.

“People didn’t bother me,” says Bacon. “But they also looked right through me.” That’s really sad that Kevin Bacon had to find out what its like to be one of the little people. It was probably really weird for him to channel someone who could have more than six degrees of separation from someone else and that other person would not care at all.

These days, you might spot a mask-free Kevin burying his face in his smartphone to play Angry Birds while riding the train. This way he avoids being noticed by the hordes of other people burying their faces in their smartphones to play Angry Birds.

Sounds like a clear cut win-win.

Posted by:mchance