kevin costner south dakota land sale gi Kevin Costner: South Dakota land for sale

Actor Kevin Costner wants to sell 1000 acres of South Dakota real estate for just $14 million. The land is located near the famous Old West town of Deadwood, then and now a gambling destination.

This is the site of the Dunbar casino and resort, a project of Costner’s that would have cost $100 million to complete. The resort — named after Costner’s “Dances with Wolves” character and begun in 1993 — was planned with a steam-powered train and a golf course.

Now, it’s just real estate. Split into three separate properties, the land is now worth $7.4 million (for the partially developed section), $1.2 million and $5.4 million

Costner is not, however, selling all of his South Dakota property. He will retain ownership of another casino in Deadwood, the Midnight Star, and of Tatanka: Story of the Bison, a tourist attraction on the edge of town (“tatanka,” movie fans will recall, is the translation of “buffalo” used throughout Costner’s Oscar-winning film).

“He has a strong sense of loyalty to the area, and it was a hard decision for him,” real estate agent Mike Percevich told ABC News of Costner’s sale. Much of the footage in “Dances with Wolves” was shot in the state.

Posted by:Laurel Brown