kevin kline live with kelly and michael last vegas gi Kevin Kline on 'Last Vegas,' speaking French on 'Live with Kelly and Michael'

Kevin Kline came on as a guest at “Live with Kelly and Michael” to talk about “Last Vegas” on Thursday (Nov. 7). He was also rather impressive with his French skills and stories about how he can get in trouble just by speaking in France.

It turns out that Kline was the very last of the main actors to be cast in the rather star-studded “Last Vegas” film. Michael Douglas, Robert DeNiro and Morgan Freeman were already signed on to star, so Kline jumped at the chance to work with these men for the first time.

“It was great to read it, knowing who would be in it, to visualize those parts,” Kline explained. “They’re absolute pros. When you’re working with absolute pros, it’s so easy.”

The filming of “Last Vegas” may have been a lot of fun too. Despite the fact that his co-stars had already labeled Kline the funniest of the lot, the actor disagreed. “They’re lying. They’re the funniest guys.” He said.

Since Kevin Kline had recently been in Europe to work on a new project, the subject of France came up. Kline admitted that he did speak French but that he was only “fluent enough to get me in trouble.” He then demonstrated the most important phrase he knew — especially in Paris, where “the faster you talk, the cooler you are.” That would be “Je veux que vous parlez plus doucement, s’il vous plait.”

In an impressive turn, Kelly Ripa translated that easily. So many talented people on “Live”!

Posted by:Laurel Brown