Comedy Central’s new sketch-comedy show “Key & Peele” has only been on the air for a week, but it’s already scored a viral hit.

A sketch from last week’s premiere featuring President Obama (Jordan Peele) and Luther, his “anger translator” (Keegan Michael Key) has scored close to 2.5 million views on YouTube as of this post, and the two stars say they’ve heard a lot from fans about the bit.

“I was very happy — every sketch, if you look online, somebody said, ‘That was my favorite,'” Peele says. He and Key visited the Zap2it offices Tuesday (Feb. 7) after stopping by the KTLA morning show (you can watch that segment here) to discuss the show, what’s coming and how their shared background — Key and Peele are both biracial — affects their comedy.

“Very often you’ll see scenes that come through that prism, but I also think a lot of times we’ll write scenes that are super universal,” Key says in the video above. “These are things that humans feel — we just happen to have black skin. I think it’s part of being a person who exists in a culture that’s between two cultures.”

The two comics say you can expect to see more of Obama (though not necessarily with Luther) in upcoming “Key & Peele” episodes, and in Tuesday’s show, they make what they believe is sketch-comedy history by airing a sketch filmed inside a working helicopter, starring Key as a news reporter.

“I play an on-the-ground field reporter who has to go up in the helicopter because the helicopter guy’s sick,” Key says.

“There’s a moment in the sketch,” Peele adds, “you can see it transition from the character about to be sick to actually Keegan himself about to be sick.”

You can look for that moment when “Key & Peele” airs at 10:30 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.

Posted by:Rick Porter