khloe kardashian x factor kris jenner Khloe Kardashian has mom Kris Jenner to thank for her 'X Factor' job

We can apparently thank Kris Jenner for getting Khloe Kardashian her new hosting gig on “X Factor.”

Remember how Kardashian’s initial involvement was leaked in early September but then wasn’t confirmed until over a month later? Well, that’s because the partnership almost didn’t happen. TMZ is reporting that talks to have Kardashian co-host had stalled because FOX and E! couldn’t come up with a deal that would allow her to appear on both networks, and they were both going to let the deal fall through.

That’s where Mama Jenner stepped in. She reportedly “stepped in over the agents … over everyone” when she learned her daughter might not get the co-hosting gig and forced both networks to hash out a deal. They did, and Kardashian’s involvement was announced Tuesday (Oct. 16).

“She just knows how to make sh*t happen,” one source says.

Love her or hate her, you’ll now be seeing Kardashian make her “X Factor” debut alongside Mario Lopez in November.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz