khloe-kardashian-and-lamar-odom-wife.jpgLamar Odom has been listed as inactive by the Dallas Mavericks after being traded to them in December from the Los Angeles Lakers, which means he will not be playing with them the remainder of the season. Wife Khloe Kardashian has taken to Twitter to express her disappointment.

  • “Never a dull moment.”
  • “Heading to LA today because I am doing the Ellen show tomorrow. Why do I always have to leave when there is so much to do. I love Dallas :(“
  • “Blessed to have had such an amazing experience. Short but very sweet 🙂 #memories”
  • “Never! I loved Dallas and will miss it! Xo “@abbyshosid: Don’t forget us in Dallas! We loved having you and Lam Lam!”

In a tweet that raised some eyebrows, Khloe said, with no @ or any context, “U deserve so much better. Know ur worth and know ur skills that have been proven and earned! U showed ur strength, I love u.”

Apparently the Twitterverse thought she was speaking to Lamar as the person who deserves better and the backlash came. But she followed that up with, “Peps want 2assume they know. My last tweet was 4me and not for any1 else. I always send out encouraging tweets but 2day I get backlash? Odd.”

It remains to be seen where Lamar and Khloe end up next – an NBA can’t pick Odom up this season. That deadline passed at the end of March. So they’ll just have to wait and see if anyone nabs him for next season.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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