khloe kardashian see through top x factor live show fox Khloe Kardashian talks 'X Factor' wardrobe malfunctionKhloe Kardashian Odom’s now infamous wardrobe malfunction on the first “X Factor” live show Wednesday night almost didn’t happen.

She was planning on wearing the bright blue minidress by Celine that she sported on Thursday’s results show, but an unexpectedly rushed production schedule due to the San Francisco Giants’ sweep of the World Series necessitated some hasty decisions. “I was supposed to wear this [blue dress] yesterday,” Kardashian told reporters after Thursday’s show. “And it was not tailored enough, annnnd I wore the other thing…”

“I thought it looked really good!” Kardashian explained about the surprisingly sheer top that got social media buzzing as soon as she made her “X Factor” hosting debut. “With the hurricane, all the stuff I wanted to wear was stuck on the east coast. We did not have time to do a full dress rehearsal in our clothes.”

“[The blouse] came in the mail and I wanted to wear it. It’s lined with nude lining, it’s not just like a sheer top. I had no idea, with my dressing room lights you didn’t see a thing. We were rushed and went on stage.”

That’s when she got her first warning: “I see Simon [Cowell] sort of doing something like this [points to her chest], and I thought he meant my hair. Then I hear in my ear, ‘We’ve got to fix your shirt.’ I didn’t know what they were talking about and I heard, ‘Full areola is out.'”

Kardashian says she immediately wanted to fix it, but felt the pressure of live TV. “We couldn’t do anything until the break, so the whole time I’m like trying to to [cover up]. During the break we tried to put band-aids or something on it and it didn’t work. So we had to wait for the second break and finally we found something that fixed it.”

“It was my first show! Like I’m not stressed out enough, now this is happening. I [wondered], ‘Am I gonna get in trouble?’ I don’t know anything, like ‘Am I gonna be fired because of my boobs?'”

With that drama behind her, Kardashian is happy to focus on doing the best she can in her first hosting job. “My sisters give me tips if they notice stuff. Kim sent me a text [tonight]. She was like, ‘You’re doing great, but I do notice you yell at some points,'” Kardashian says, explaining that she’s still trying to adjust to the differences between shooting reality TV and filming in front of a very noisy studio audience. “That’s something I need to work on, even though the audience is [in the studio], you’re talking to everybody at home. I’m just gonna have to pay attention to that.”

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