chris kid reid getty Kid 'n Play rapper has warrant out for his arrestIt looks like someone may be doing a little too much house partying. Kid, from the rap group Kid ‘n Play has a bench warrant out for his arrest.

TMZ is reporting that the rapper, whose real name is Chris Reid, apparently skipped a progress hearing stemming his 2010 DUI arrest. The meeting was slated for Thursday (Jan. 5), but Kid didn’t make it.

This isn’t the first time Kid’s had this problem. In Aug. 2011, he was locked up for blowing off a progress hearing. For this he briefly went to lock up.

It was back in 2010 that Kid was first busted for DUI. Tests show that the rapper had a .15 blood alcohol level – nearly twice the legal limit in California.

TMZ has spoken with Kid who says the whole thing is a “miscommunication.”

Posted by:David Eckstein