kid rock embarrassed Kid Rock 'embarrassed to be a Republican' over paperless ticketing bans

Though he supported Mitt Romney‘s presidential campaign, Kid Rock has come out to say he’s “f**king embarrassed to be a Republican.” The cause? The way Republican lawmakers are outlawing the sales of paperless tickets, a practice which make it easier for musicians to avoid scalpers.

“That’s one of the times I’m f**king embarrassed to be a Republican,” he tells Rolling Stone. “It’s f**king Republican lawmakers passing those laws, you dumba**es. They already did it in New York and they’re trying to do it in Michigan. I’ve even called some of those guys to try and stop it.”

But the Republicans aren’t the only ones who have earned his ire. Kid Rock is doing his best to counteract overpriced ticket sales and scalpers by launching his “$20 Best Night Ever” summer tour, but he says Ticketmaster almost ruined his dream.

“They’re taking a f**king five-dollar service charge,” he says. “It’s 25 percent of the f**king ticket! That’s f**ked up, but I’ve beaten them up as much as I can. Then Walmart stepped in and agreed to charge just $20, and it includes parking.”

Apparently these are solutions Kid Rock has been trying to find for years. “I’ve been meeting with Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino for years, trying to figure out how to fix the concert industry,” he says. “We’re all so overpaid. It’s ridiculous. People stopped going to concerts because they can’t afford them. The Rolling Stones are charging $650 per ticket! That just makes me speechless. I love the Stones, but I won’t be attending.”

As for the fact he supported Romney but is angered with Republicans now, Kid Rock says things shouldn’t be so black and white. For instance, he supports gay marriage and abortion rights, which most Republicans stand against.

“People in this country just hate each other for voicing an opinion, especially in my business,” he says. “I’m like the f**king lone wolf. Look, I tend to vote Republican, but I don’t like the hardcore views on either side and I’m not in bed with anybody. I’d probably be more Libertarian, but I’m a firm believer you have to pick a side. I can’t be playing the middle. If you think differently, that’s fine. I’d love to grab a beer and hear why you think that way.”

Tickets for the “$20 Best Night Ever” tour are being sold at Walmart and Live Nation. In addition to the cheaper ticket prices, Kid Rock has announced that beer will only cost $4 and that all designated drivers get free coffee. The tour is slated to begin in Bristow, Va. on June 28 and will end in Tampa, Fla. on Sept. 15.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz