Kid Rock.jpgDon’t believe everything you read — including clothing labels. Kid Rock‘s “Made in Detroit” merchandise — isn’t. The man who created his “Made in Detroit” clothing label to support his song with lyrics like, “I heard them say they’re shuttin’ Detroit down / But I won’t leave cuz’ this is my hometown,” isn’t practicing what he preaches.

Detroit has been going through some pretty hard times lately and when Kid Rock heard that the famous “Made in Detroit” t-shirt brand collapsed in 2005, he stepped in, buying the company to save it from going bankrupt.

So, is the clothing line made in the city it claims? No, according to journalist Susan Tompor, who wrote a story in the Detroit Free Press. She claims that the products are sourced from the Dominician Republic, India and “even worse,”
Ohio. She explains that brands can legally cut the labels of of shirts under certain circumstances to confuse their origin. Though some of the shirts are actually made in Detroit, many are not.

Kid Rock has yet to comment on the allegations.

Posted by:jbusch