snoop slime kca Kids' Choice Awards 2011: Snoop Dogg totally gets slimedWith so much drama in the LBC, it’s kind of hard being Snoop D-O-double G. Especially when covered in gallons of questionable green goop.

Johnny Depp got the slime flowing when Saturday’s (April 2) Kids’ Choice Awards kicked off with his best actor win when he turned a fire-hose of slime on the front rows of the audience (all tweens, don’t worry). That led to unexpected audience retaliation when, “Lord of the Flies” fashion, said slime was sloshed back onto the stage at Russell Brand and “Modern Family’s” Rico Rodriguez.

But the first official sliming of the night came at the end of Big Time Rush’s performance when Snoop Dogg — who will apparently rap with anyone, by the way — was totally soaked in green goo.

Doubtless, this is part of Snoop’s bid to appeal to a younger audience and have his image associated with a different kind of green stuff. And, no, we aren’t talking about money.

In any case, Snoop’s a good sport for submitting to the slime.

snoop dogg kca full Kids' Choice Awards 2011: Snoop Dogg totally gets slimed

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson