Tilikum, the Killer Whale (Orca) that attacked and killed a SeaWorld trainer yesterday (Feb 24) has been in captivity since 1983. 

He was captured at age 2 and sent to a facility where he lived with two females that picked on him, eventually ending up in SeaWorld, according to this video made by a former trainer. 

]]>He’s also fathered 15 children and was one of the first Killer Whales to reproduce using artificial insemination, which, to a whale, must be a bit like being sexually molested by a creature from outer space.

The trainer was reportedly stroking his stomach when he became annoyed, swam away, then swam back, grabbed her in his mouth and dragged her underwater, while an audience watched in horror.
He’s described in the video as being very aware and often looks you right in the eye. “He  is the wild guy you gotta love. I know I did,” says the YouTube video, created by someone named Rose.
If this mammal could talk, what would he say to us about his actions and why he did what he did? 
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