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The teaser ABC unveiled Tuesday (May 14) for its midseason series “Killer Women” does not waste much time living up to its title.

In the opening scene, a woman in a red dress stalks up the aisle at a wedding and shoots the bride. Lead character Molly Parker (Tricia Helfer), the only woman in the Texas Rangers, is loaded for bear for pretty much the entire trailer (except for a love scene with a DEA agent played by Marc Blucas). In three minutes, the trailer expends more bullets than seemingly an entire season of “Justified.”

Helfer plays tough incredibly well, and the chemistry she and Blucas have is palpable. There are a more than a couple cop-show cliches present as well, but the hope is that Helfer’s magnetism and the action, which is plentiful and well-shot, can overcome them.

What do you think of the “Killer Women” trailer?

Posted by:Rick Porter