rob lowe killing kennedy getty 'Killing Kennedy's' Rob Lowe: 'The West Wing' is 'probably my favorite thing I've ever done'Actor Rob Lowe of “Parks and Recreation” appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Friday (Nov. 8), where he talked about his newest project, the NatGeo adaptation of “Killing Kennedy.” But he also did a quick rundown of his past projects, which was a lot of fun.

“The Outsiders”: “My fraternity, my college fraternity.”
“St. Elmo’s Fire”: “Learning how to drink amongst friends.”
“About Last Night”: “Great romance.”
“Bad Influence”: “Ahead of its time. Met my wife there.”
“Wayne’s World”: “Mike and Dana, genius.”
“Tommy Boy”: “I miss Chris Farley.”
“Austin Powers”: “Mike Myers, genius.”
“The West Wing”: “Probably my favorite thing I’ve ever done.”
“Behind the Candelabra”: “How I’m going to look at my 50th birthday.”
“Parks and Rec”: “Genius. So funny, greatest group of people ever.”

As for “Killing Kennedy,” Lowe says that he put in his due dilligence to really bring President Kennedy to life.

“I worked forever, oh my gosh,” says Lowe. “He’s such an icon, we all know how he looked, how he moved, what he sounded like. And as an actor, you have to get that right.”

“But then you have to do all the other things we do for any other role, which is making him a recognizable human being,” Lowe continues. “It’s double the work, I just spent hours and hours and hours listening to the voice and working on it because it has to be there.”

The movie, which premieres Sunday, Nov. 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NatGeo, showcases the life of not only JFK but also his future killer.

“You take these two disparate men, JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald, on the same exact day in 1960 — Kennedy announces he’s going to run for president and Oswald is defecting to the Soviet Union,” says Lowe. “You watch these parallel lives as they’re about to intersect in Dallas and it’s sort of like ‘Titanic’ where you know the iceberg is coming, but you just can’t believe it’s gonna happen. And of course it does, it’s a very intense story.”

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