kim dotcom gi Kim Dotcom, MegaUpload founder, denied bail in New ZealandFile-sharing mogul Kim Dotcom will be sitting in jail for at least another few weeks. On Wednesday (Jan. 24) a New Zealand judge denied bail for Dotcom, who is charged with copyright violation, money laundering and conspiracy in New Zealand, according to the Associated Press. The judge deemed Dotcom a flight risk.

The FBI is also attempting to have Dotcom extradited to the United States to face copyright charges totally up to $500 million. But, for the time being, the German-born Dotcom will have to face the music in New Zealand first.

Dotcom also had access to at least 23 bank accounts in Hong Kong and at least eight Citibank accounts with assets topping $8 million, reports ZDNet.

As noted by several sites, there’s something else important at stake here: Dotcom’s incarceration leaves his “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” title — he currently holds the no. 1 spot — up for grabs.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson