kim kardashian birthday gi 34 selfies in honor of Kim Kardashian's 34th birthday

Happy Birthday, Kim Kardashian!

Tuesday (Oct. 21) marks the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star’s 34th birthday, and what better way to celebrate than by looking at 34 of her infamous Instagram selfies? After all, they’re kind of her thing.

So buckle in, because — warning — you’re about to see a lot of selfies. 

1. The ‘I Just Took a Shower’ selfie

2. The ‘Koala’ selfie

3. The ‘Dressing Room’ selfie

4. The ‘Mirror’ selfie

5. The ‘Car’ selfie

6. The ‘Sister’ selfie

7. The ‘My Husband’s Sleeping’ selfie

8. The ‘This Blanket Is Super Soft’ selfie

9. The ‘Duckface’ selfie

10. The ‘Carnival Swings’ selfie

11. The ‘Bathroom’ selfie

12. The ‘I’m Totally Engaged’ selfie

13. The ‘I’m in a Helicopter’ selfie

14. The ‘I Love My Grandma’ selfie

15. The ‘Brother and Sister Bonding’ selfie

16. The ‘Sephora’ selfie

17. The ‘Bikini’ selfie

18. The ‘Livin’ the Glam Life’ selfie

19. The ‘Come Hither’ selfie

20. The ‘North West’ selfie

21. The ‘I Just Woke Up’ selfie

22. The ‘Booty’ selfie

23. The ‘Elizabeth Taylor’ selfie

24. The ‘I Know I’m Hot Stuff’ selfie

25. The ‘Pregnancy Lips’ selfie

26. The ‘I Think I’m Tired?’ selfie

27. The ‘Rear View Mirror’ selfie

28. The ‘I Might Be An Angel’ selfie

29. The ‘Product Placement’ selfie

30. The ‘Acupuncture’ selfie

31. The ‘American Horror Story Bloody Face’ selfie

32. The ‘Dancing With the Stars’ selfie

33. The ‘I’m Watching You’ selfie

34. The ‘Did I Do That?’ selfie

Posted by:Casey Rackham