joel mchale kim kardashian Kim Kardashian: Apparently not a fan of Joel McHale and 'The Soup'We’ll almost surely hear some snark about the Kim KardashianKris Humphries wedding this weekend on “The Soup.” Just don’t hold your breath for a sex-tape joke.

“Soup” host and “Community” star Joel McHale says E! executives — the network also has several Kardashian-fronted shows on its air — have told him not to mention the sex tape Kim made with ex-boyfriend Ray J, which arguably was the thing that made her well-known in the first place.

“I know the Kardashians don’t like me,” McHale says in an interview with Just Jared — but that’s something of a rarity among the reality-TV personalities “The Soup” regularly skewers. “No one has said ‘how dare you,’ reality stars without exception have come up to me and have said ‘Thank you for making fun of me.’ We made so much fun of [ex-‘Bachelor’] Jake Pavelka, and he responded by coming on the show.

“With the Kardashians we’re not allowed to say they have a sex tape anymore because the network flips out. Tyra Banks was the only one that tried to make us not feature her show on ours, but then she changed her tune, and then she went off the air, much to our great disappointment.”

So we guess McHale (who also stars in “Spy Kids 4,” which hit theaters on Friday) won’t be going to the wedding.

Posted by:Rick Porter