kim kardashian last man sta Kim Kardashian comes to 'Last Man Standing': What did you think?Reality star Kim Kardashian appeared as herself on the Tuesday night (Feb. 7) episode of “Last Man Standing.” The crux of her plotline is that middle daughter Mandy is obsessed with Kim K. and freaks out when she is coming to the local mall on her book tour.

So much so that Mandy writes her two poems.

The haiku:
Beauty, in and out
Defining class, grace and style
Kim Kardashian

And the limerick:
The fairest of Kardashian lasses
Kim K. brought style to the masses
She did it with flair
And a toss of her hair
And one of the world’s most spectacular …

Mandy goes on to humiliate herself at the mall appearance, so Kim stops by her house because her producer thought “it would make good TV if we locate the clumsy poet from the mall so [Kim] can console her.”

It was a pretty silly plot, though we did enjoy this exchange:

Kim: “When I feel like I’m the butt of the joke, you know what gives me strength?”
Mandy: “A silk bag full of money?”
Kim: “…sometimes.”

What did you think of Kim K.’s turn on “LMS as herself?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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