Kim-Kardashian.jpgThe Kardashian family has been brother Rob Kardashian‘s biggest support system since he began competing on “Dancing With the Stars,” with everyone from stepfather Bruce Jenner to baby nephew Mason Disick stopping by the show’s Hollywood set to cheer him on.

But sister Kim Kardashian, whose tumultuous love life has been making headlines lately for obvious reasons, just couldn’t handle the prying eyes of the media at Monday night’s taping.

Though Kim, who was once a contestant herself, was scheduled to attend the show and watch her brother get his groove on, she canceled at the last minute, promising to vote for Rob from home.

“She’s not feeling up to attending tonight’s taping,” a source told Life & Style. “Even though it’s really important to her to be there for Rob, she’s
still so depressed and unhappy to deal with the cameras and attention. Kim’s told friends she’s just going to stay at home and vote as many times as she can. She believes Rob will make it to the final two — much better than she did when she was on the show.”

Not to worry, though — word is if Rob makes it to the finals, Kim will muster up the courage to show up to CBS Television City, where the show is filmed. “Kim would definitely go to that to cheer him on,” says the source.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie