KimberlyK_Arnol_57080872_600Kim Kardashian has been the "butt" of quite a few jokes over the years, almost all of them centered on her plentiful "assets." But the 28-year-old reality starlet wasn't laughing when a bunch of un-Photoshopped pics from a Complex magazine photo shoot leaked onto the Internet recently, spurring haters to pick apart her imperfections.

So, in response to the drama, Kim decided to pose on the cover of Life & Style this week, sans retouching. Her goal? To communicate to the world that she isn't perfect and that she's OK with that. Kim agreed to pose for the mag in a bathing suit the very day they asked her, meaning there was no weeklong, pre-bikini juice cleanse.

"I just put on my mom's bikini, and we did the shoot in the backyard. It made sense to just go out and take the photos," Kim told Life & Style.

In the article, Kim also states her measurements, for the record. At 5-foot-3, Kim says, "I'm 35-26-40. My dress size is a 4 or a 2/4. I wear a size 4 skirt and size 27 jeans." Just in case you were wondering.

In the interview, Kim is more than willing to answer almost any question about her body. Just don't ask to grab her butt.

"Girls come up to me and grab my butt, or if I'm doing a TV interview, people ask on camera to squeeze my butt. It's uncomfortable. I'm like, 'Let's move on. Everyone's got a butt, why do you care about mine?'"

Maybe it's time for Chris Crocker to release a new video: "Leave Kim Kardashian's butt alone!"

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— Stephanie Lysaght

Photo: Kim Kardashian Credit: Wireimage

Posted by:Stephanie Lysaght