Kim-Kardashian.jpgKim Kardashian has yet another lawyer. Not that she needs it, but we hope she’s getting a bulk discount. This time she’s hiring legal counsel to sue her former publicist. You know, the one who says her marriage to Kris Humphries is a big fat publicity stunt.

Jonathan Jaxson told Fox’s Good Day LA on Friday that the wedding, “was fake because Kim said previously that she … didn’t want to get married weeks prior to the wedding itself.” He was there to promote his new tell-all book about the pursuit of fame.

He also claimed that he and Kardashian set up a phony engagement to NFL star Reggie Bush in 2007 by arranging photographers to show up while they were ring shopping. “We turned it around and made it a media spectacular,” Jaxson said. “Never were they engaged. It was all for pure publicity.”

Kardashian has reportedly hired Hollywood attorney Marty Singer, according to TMZ to sue for defamation and $200,000 in damages. Jaxson claims he never signed a confidentiality agreement with her.

Do you guys think this whole thing was staged? Does it put you in a mind loop about whether or not this part of it is staged as well? Oh what tangled webs … let us know your thoughts!

Posted by:jbusch