kim kardashian hospital fires workers medical records gi Kim Kardashian hospital fires six workers over privacy breaches

Shortly after Kim Kardashian gave birth to her daughter, North West, with rapper Kanye West, her hospital has fired six workers due to privacy breaches. Those dismissed had “inappropriately accessed”  patient files around Kardashian’s time in the hospital.

As first reported by the LA Times, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles fired four community physician employees, a hospital medical assistant and an unpaid student research assistant. The incidents took place between June 18 and June 24 — the week following the birth of North West.

While more than a dozen patients’ records were accessed, it appears that Kim was indeed one of the targets. TMZ reports that the hospital contacted the celebrity to let her know about the incident.

Officials at the hospital said there was no evidence of criminal activity but that police had been notified anyway out of caution.

Patient confidentiality breaches are an unfortunately common problem in Los Angeles-area hospitals. Often because of the celebrity nature of patients, medical-record scandals have occurred every few years. In 2008, workers accessed the records of Britney Spears, Maria Shriver and other well-known patients at the UCLA Health System.

Posted by:Laurel Brown