If you missed the wedding on E!, or the resultant wedding coverage on E! or Access Hollywood or Extra or any gossip website or MTV or even network news, then you may be wondering when you’ll get to see Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries exchange their verbal expressions of love?!!?

Worry not, intrepid Kardashian keeper-upper. Ellen DeGeneres graciously performed a vow renewal on her talk show that gave us some insight into the Kardumphries romance. Ellen wouldn’t mention Kim’s name without remarking that it was a trademark of E! entertainment. While hilarious, we wonder how far off the mark that observation really is…

So this marks Kardashian’s third trip down the aisle. That’s right, you forgot about her 2000 marriage to music producer Damon Thomas, didn’t you? A few more marriages and Kim will be right on target for the number we predicted — 17.

Posted by:janderson