kim kardashian kris humphries Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries to sign a prenupLovestruck or not, Kim Kardashian‘s business sense is always on point.

]]>Kris Humphries, will sign a prenup according to E! News. Not that we don’t think it’ll last forever… but good for them. “It’s a standard prenup,” says a source. “They just want something that makes sense for both of them.” While the agreement is currently being written by lawyers, the source adds that the document is “very straightforward.” With a reported $8 million to Humphries’ name and $35 million to Kardashian’s — that’s a lot of moola at stake. “When it comes to money, Kim just thinks it’s always smart to have a contract and she has always looked at things that way,” the source adds. “It is the responsible things to do.” Atta girl, Kimmy. We approve.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci