kim kardashian kris humphries married 324 Kim Kardashian mum on prenup: "You do the math"

Kris Humphries is a mostly bench player for the New Jersey Nets, contracted to make roughly $3.2 million a year. Kim Kardashian is the empress of her own reality/endorsement empire with a reported net worth of over $35 million. Pre-nup? Yes, please…

Or maybe no, we’re not sure. Kim Kardashian is remaining silent on the topic of asset protection. When asked outright whether or not she had signed a pre-nuptial agreement, Kardashian replied: “I don’t really talk finances. My father was attorney and i’m a smart girl — I’d like to think so — you can do the math.”

Our word detectives point out that without a pre-nup, there’d be no math to do. But we’re grasping at straws. However, considering this is Kardashian’s second marriage, we imagine she’s learned from experience. What’s your bet?

Posted by:janderson