north west kim kardashian engagement ring instagram Kim Kardashian posts North West photo with engagement ring.

Isn’t North West a little too young for bling? That is evidently not the case since her mother, Kim Kardashian, posted an Instagram photo of the baby’s hand holding Kim’s engagement ring from Kanye West.

On New Year’s Eve, Kim posted the rather adorable photo of the six-month-old baby’s hand looking positively tiny up against mommy’s giant diamond.

It’s a safe bet that Kardashian took back her jewelry once the photo shoot ended. Nothing is safe in the hands of an infant, not unless you want it in the kid’s mouth.

The message, however, is very clear: Kim Kardashian has had a great year. Not only did 2013 witness the birth of her first child, but Kardashian also got engaged (not for the first time) in an extreme party held at a baseball stadium. She also got to co-star in West’s most recent video.

All in all, that’s not a bad year — even if you don’t count the incredible ring.

Posted by:Laurel Brown