kim kardashian kanye west proposal lana del rey Kim Kardashian proposal: Lana Del Rey turned down Kanye West about performing

If his Kim Kardashian proposal had gone entirely to Kanye West‘s initial plan, Lana Del Rey would have performed in AT&T Park at the San Francisco event.

“We want Lana Del Ray, ‘Oh she ain’t show up oh okay we want an orchestra to do it,'” West confirmed to Power 106 about the way he had to roll with the punches when planning the marriage proposal.

A source for Radar Online elaborated a bit about the proposal idea, though no one seems to know why exactly Del Rey said no.

“Lana politely declined, and didn’t give any reason for not being able to perform. It was a very firm no from Lana and her camp. Kanye did try to push it, but didn’t get anywhere. Kanye decided to hire an orchestra to perform the song for Kim, and he was much happier with how it turned out,” the insider says.

As it turns out, West did end up using Del Rey’s music even though she didn’t perform. He hired an orchestra to perform “Young & Beautiful” while he proposed to Kardashian. After that, the orchestra performed West’s song “Knock You Down.”

But the Radar source says people shouldn’t count Del Rey out of the Kardashian/West wedding circus just yet. “Kim was bummed that Lana didn’t perform for the big event, but she is still a huge fan. She just loved that Kanye tried to make it happen. Kim is jokingly saying Lana will want to perform at their wedding,” the insider says.

West and his “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star fiancee plan to walk down the aisle in Summer 2014. According to West, he hopes to have fighter jets at the wedding.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz