kim-kardashian-gi-old-navy-lookalike-pics-oldnavy.jpgKim Kardashian has officially settled her yearlong battle with Old Navy after the retailer allegedly used a look-alike of the reality star in an ad campaign in 2011, according to TMZ.

Kardashian reportedly filed her multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the company last July, claiming that Old Navy intentionally used someone who looked very similar to her in order to dupe people into thinking Kardashian herself was affiliated with the brand.

The lawsuit was dismissed in Los Angeles on Wednesday (Aug. 29), and sources close to Old Navy say the company agreed to pay Kardashian based on her claims. Apparently both sides are happy with the settlement, and nobody’s saying how much money will be paid out.

Check out the pic of Kardashian and her Old Navy look-alike above — do you think Kardashian had a point? Or was the company in the right on this one?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper