kim k people 2010 Kim Kardashian: 'Sleek and sweet' under all the makeup, says Amanda de CadenetThere’s no argument that Kim Kardashian is a stunning woman, but photographer Amanda de Cadenet found a simpler side to her with a photo that wound up as the cover of “People.”
“I did a make-under,” de Cadenet says. “I tend to not change the way women look too much. I try to find what is naturally beautiful about them I think people have something naturally beautiful about them.”
De Cadenet, who has a new talk show, “The Conversation” debuting on Lifetime Thursday, April 26, is determined to show that most women live in that area somewhere between red carpet glamour and the ambush photos of “stars without makeup” galleries.
“I knew under all that makeup there was a girl who was naturally quite beautiful,” de Cadenet says of Kardashian. “I asked if she would be willing to not have big hair and makeup, to just have some mascara and cover-up. She got what I was trying to do, so she was willing. If it is possible for Kim Kardashian to look like Audrey Hepburn, I feel like she does is the picture I took of her.
“She is incredibly sleek,” de Cadenet continues. “I don’t watch her TV show. As an individual, she is an incredibly sweet, kind woman and that’s what I saw and the picture that we took reflects what I felt for her.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler