kim kardashian kate middleton baby gift gi Kim Kardashian still wants Kate Middleton for a bestie, Duchess is still not interested

Kim Kardashian is not giving up on making Kate Middleton her BFF, despite the obvious fact that the Duchess of Cambridge wants nothing to do with the reality TV queen. Kanye West‘s baby mama seems desperate to glom onto Kate’s pregnancy spotlight, which has clearly reflected more positively in the public eye than her own. 
According to Britain’s Mirror, after learning she and Kate shared similar due dates (both women are expecting their babies mid-July) Kim sent Kate a baby gift and had her assistant compose “a kind, warm note” to Prince William‘s wife. Kim revealed to Kate that she has hired a top astrologer in Paris to tell her everything she needs to know about a baby born under the Cancer star sign, and she’s decorating the child’s room with rubies and moonstones in honor of its Cancerian birth.
Kate, for her part, has been too busy traveling the world on good will tours and playing pregnant ping pong to respond to Kim’s note. And it’s not the first time she has snubbed Kim’s presumptuous advances, either. Ahead of a recent trip to London to promote her Kardashian Kollection clothing line, Kim made it known she would like to meet Kate for high tea, and sent her some clothing choices. Kate reportedly returned the clothes.
Sounds like someone can’t take a hint.
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