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“The Today Show” welcomed Kim Kardashian Friday morning (April 6), where she sat down with Ann Curry to give some updates on her latest drama. Naturally, the Kanye West question came up, since Kim was recently name-dropped in Kanye’s song “Theraflu,” where he says he fell in love with her when she was falling in love with “him” (presumably ex-husband Kris Humphries).

Kim says of the Kanye question, “I completely respect and understand that you have to ask these
questions. But I’ve said before that Kanye and I have been friends for
years. You never know what the future knows or where my life will take
me. So … I like the song!”

As far as her on-going divorce drama, Ann Curry says that Humphries has claimed he wants an annulment, so why doesn’t Kim just give him one? Kim responds:

“I’m sure I would love one myself, but there’s certain guidelines to get
one and I’m not sure we fall under that … there’s not much I’m allowed
to talk about, but out of respect for him, I try not to talk about
stuff involving him and regarding that situation. But, um, you know,
it’s all just about I’m really read to close that – I have closed that
chapter. I’m ready to move on.”

“That’s something that’s really ridiculous to me. Why would I marry
someone, what, for ratings? I didn’t need that. Our show does amazing
with or without the wedding. To me, it’s just hurtful when people say
that, because anyone who knows me knows that I love really hard, I fall
really hard … when things don’t work out, that’s sometimes just how
life is. You don’t go into it expecting that … for me, when I realized
it fast, what’s the point in dragging something out or waiting, when
you know it’s just not it for you? But for me, I learn a lesson from
everything that I go through. I believe this incident has changed me for
the better.”

And as far as the PETA flour-bombing, Kim says that she thinks assault is never OK, and then basically says she will continue to wear fur, though the Kardashians have taken fur out of their stores and clothing lines.

“It’s a little odd to me that their whole message is non-violence towards animals, yet they are being violent towards humans. I don’t think that assaulting someone is appropriate at all.”

“We cautiously do not carry fur in our DASH stores anymore, I don’t carry real fur in our clothing lines … my personal opinion and my personal choice, I believe everyone has the choice. And that’s my personal opinion. I have vintage furs that were my great-grandmother’s that mean the world to me … I won’t get rid of that memory of my great-grandparents. I think it’s a personal choice. But I don’t think it’s OK to assault anybody.”

So, there’s your latest Kim Kardashian update. We know you were on pins and needles waiting for this one.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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